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To attempt to keep up with current EHO allergy guidelines please read the following.

Allergies can range from a minor irritation to very severe and life threatening. A severe allergy attack can be triggered by simply coming into contact with a specific ingredient so a number of controls are required to prevent any incidents involving an allergic reaction.

Here at Moganojax we rely on the folowing procedures:


1. Firstly YOU must tell us you have an allergy and how severe that allergy can be. Dont assume that any of our items are free from your specific allergy ingredient. For example our southern fried chicken actually contains celery as an ingredient. Our BBQ sauce contains wheat. We have a list and can check ingredients.

2. When making up your order we will use freshly opened toppings where possible to limit possible cross contamination.

3. We will prepare your order on a freshly cleaned area with clean utensils.

4. We will cook as soon as prepared and NOT leave it sitting so as to limit any possible cross contamination.

Gluten allergy is the one we most commonly come across here, we use gluten free bases and we can use gluten free ingredients, however we use a lot of flour WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THERE WILL NOT BE SOME CROSS CONTAMINATION especially as all pizzas are cooked in the same ovens.

We will try our utmost NOT to kill you BUT if you have a very severe allergy then MAKE SURE WE KNOW and order at your own risk.

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